KwaZulu-Natal Canoe Club

Non Stop Dusi Rules

  1. Date, time and place
    The Non-Stop Dusi trip will take place on Friday 8th March 2024, starting at Bishopstowe Hall just outside Pietermaritzburg, at (approx.) 05:15 and finishing at Blue Lagoon, Durban.
  2. Entry fee
    R450.00 per paddler (R900.00 per K2)
  3. Payment
    Enter online at
  4. Entries
    1. No logistical assistance is offered by KNCC or KNCU and participants are totally dependent upon themselves and their seconds. Participation is entirely at the paddlers own risk.
    2. In view of the arduous nature of the event and the risks involved the organisers do not encourage participation. It is suggested that only proficient and experienced canoeists who are possessed of an extremely high level of fitness should consider entering. IF YOU ARE NOT CAPABLE OF COMPLETING THE COURSE IN 13HRS OR LESS – STAY AT HOME.
    3. No person in the under 18 category will be permitted to participate.
    4. NCC reserves the right to reject any entry.
    5. Participants are obliged to provide their own competent seconds upon whom they will be dependant for all assistance during the event. Seconding crews are required to provide all hydration, medical and first aid supplies and boat repair equipment as may be required by their paddlers for the duration of the event
    6. Entries close on Wednesday, 6th March 2024 @ 18h00.
    7. Under no circumstances will any late entries be accepted.
  5. Check-in
    Paddlers should check in at Bishopstowe Hall between 4:00am and 5:00am on Friday, 8th March 2024, or from 2pm to 5pm at Camps Drift on Thursday, 7th March 2024. Paddlers will only be allowed to check-in and receive their race packs once all indemnities are signed, these may be signed and brought to the check-in or you may use forms that will be available at the check-in.
  6. K1 and K2 race
    Entries will be accepted for both the K1 and K2 classes (K1 entries are not recommended).
  7. Rules
    1. Paddlers must go through the check points at Finger Neck, Inanda Dam wall and the N2 Bridge
    2. The organisers reserve the right to instruct paddlers to withdraw at any point if in their sole discretion, if it is unsafe for paddlers to continue.
    3. There is a final cut-off at the finish at 19:30.
    4. Paddlers will be obliged to withdraw if:
      1. they do not reach Finger Neck by 09.15
      2. they do not reach the Inanda Dam wall by 14:30
      3. they do not reach the N2 Bridge by 17:30
        • These cut-offs will be strictly enforced.
        • Paddlers who do not make the cut-offs timeously may not under any circumstances continue paddling.
        • Cut-off times are according to the actual time specified, not an elapsed time
        • hey do not reach the Inanda Dam wall by 14:30
    5. Paddlers must have competent seconds. Sole responsibility for paddlers’ safety and well-being rests with the paddlers and their seconds.
    6. Paddlers shall follow instructions from KNCC with regard to any branding and shall follow instructions from any KNCC official.
    7. Paddlers must ensure that their boat and equipment are in good order
  8. Safety / Risk
    1. The event is extremely demanding and is raced over dangerous sections of river and through hostile terrain, often at extremely high temperatures. Paddlers will be exposing themselves to risks by entering the event.
    2. No seconding points, safety personnel, security personnel, marshals, divers or medical facilities will be provided and paddlers entering the event must be entirely self sufficient and must have a comprehensive team of seconders capable of ensuring their safety and well-being.
    3. In the event of foot entrapment, injury, snake bite, assault or robbery there will be no assistance provided by the organisers. Paddlers are dependent on their own resources and those of their seconds.
    4. Medical assistance and first aid is the responsibility of the paddlers themselves and their seconds.
  9. Seconding
    1. No seconding tables, safety, etc. will be provided, and each boat must have seconds who accept responsibility for the welfare of their paddler/s. Paddlers will be required to sign the undermentioned indemnity, while seconds will be required to sign the undermentioned undertaking and indemnity.
    2. Under no circumstance will seconds will be permitted to drive cars, motor bikes or quad bikes on private farm roads.